Novalaise School Activities year 1



May 29th Pierre Mollo is performing with the CM1/CM2 classrooms of Marie François and Laurent Gaubert on the main environmental challenges such as climate and CO2 emmission, marine biodiversity, food chain and plankton.


March 9th  : With the CM1/CM2 classrooms of Marie François and Laurent Gaubert. An entire day is dedicated to the plankton through 3 different workshops : Art craft, plankton observation and spirulina driven by Nathalie Aretz, Céline Prissimitzis, Sonia Baillot and Isabelle Lacourt. At the end of the day, each pupil receives a specific diploma of Planctonaute.
March 17th : The pupils of Marie François and Laurent Gaubert presented the work done during the workshop of March 9th to their mates and to their parents during school open-house day. 


February 9th : Céline Prissimitzis and Isabelle Lacourt introduced the thematics of the project to the pupils of the CM1 and CM2 teachers : Mme François and M Gaubert  respectively « Qu’est ce que le plancton ? (what is plankton) » and « La spiruline ce n’est pas que pour les baleines (the spiruline is not only for the whales) »


January 17th 2018 : Both CM1 teachers Marie François and Laurent Gaubert have participated to the training session that was organised at Musée Lac et Nature by Céline Prissimitzis and Sonia Baillot in order to prepare the program of activities developped during the PHARE project.
Download the didactic form to use microscope (french)