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My Erasmus project + more than a project!

-My trip to Ireland with our correspondents

-Sculpture Workshop and Oceans Day

-The film about our project erasmus +

Project display.
For two years I have been in an Erasmus + project at college St-Yves Le Likès Quimper. We studied how to feed men in 2050. We experienced many things : good and difficult things. I appreciated this project because it allowed us to live new experiences. I will present three highlights important to me : my trip to Ireland, the sculpture workshop and Ocean Day, and the film we made.

The trip to Ireland and our correspondents

We went to Ireland for a week from April 14th to April 21st. We saw our matches for the last time. We stayed with them for the whole week. We visited several places.
We went to Ireland because the college was doing the same project. On this trip we learned new things about plankton. We did several activities around the plankton like recipes, projects including plankton (fishing, how to keep plankon and algues…)and many other very interesting things.
Our correspondents came to our home for a week in January. They were a year or two years older than us. In my family I was with Lena because our correspondents were twins. Our correspondents were very kind to us and made us feel very welcome.

Sculpture Workshop and Oceans’ Day

We went to the plastic art room to make plankton-shaped sculptures that were exposed during the day of the ocean. We made groups and each group made one or two sculptures. These sculptures were really beautiful and represented the plankton very well. Each group took time to complete them. Oceans Day is a day where we expose many things, our project featured plankton dance, plankton recipes, sculptures, plankton and small films made with overhead projectors . This day was a beautiful day where we were able to express our knowledge to the other students of the college.

The film about our project
We made a film about us today, about us in 2050. In this film, we expressed our emotions and our feelings. We talked about what we wanted to do later and what made us happy today. We made this film to present ourselves and to present our project. We spent three afternoons together making this film, which will then be shown. The film was made by two people: Jeremy and Bertrand, Jeremy was present throughout our project.

This project allowed me to realize how polluted the planet is and that we are not allowed to sit idle. We have tried to find solutions to make our planet better. This project allowed us to live beautiful experiences and meet new people. Few people can live this kind of experience in the school setting.

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