Netherlands Trip Day One

Day one of our trip

On the first day, we saw a lot of different things, such as the city of Leeuwarden, where we stayed at, as well as the university of applied sciences and the students that study there. We also had the chance to go on a boat ride through Leeuwarden’s canals.


We woke up at 8 in the morning, we ate breakfast and left the hotel a 9am. Our hotel was an ancient prison called Blokhuispoort and is situated at the heart of the city. The students of the university came to guide us to their workplace and we were able to talk to them on our way to the university of applied sciences. The director of the university had a presentation ready for us when we got here, the presentation was about the varied studies that are available and about the different projects that the university has all across the Netherlands. Then, we visited the whole university and we saw some students as well as professionals that were working there in research and development, mainly in marine biodiversity and planktonic life. We then had a break time to have lunch in the university cafeteria.


The class was separated into multiple groups and we headed out into the city with the students. In our group, we chose to go to the center of Leeuwarden. There, we could see the canals and the architecture of the Netherlands as well as the canals. After an hour or so, the whole class regrouped and we climbed the tilted tower of Leeuwarden, where we could see a panoramic view of the whole city all at once. Then, the class split into two groups and we went on an hour long boat trip through the beautiful canals of Leeuwarden. The boats took us back to the hotel and we all had some free time to go back to the city until 6:30pm and we ate dinner. After that, we had some more free time until we decided to go to bed to wake up at 8am the following day.




Mattéo Blivet, Lucien Audebert, Louis Calvez, Samuel Jugeau, Marceau Guennic, Valentin Roncoroni, François Poussier, Thomas Oudart     // 1S2