Ourlady's School Belmullet

News from Our Lady’s Belmullet

September 2017

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Three teachers form Our Lady’s Secondary School in Belmullet (Sean Lavelle, Kayla o Donnell, and Andrea Barrett) travelled to Quimper, France to liaise with the teachers and students in Likes, Quimper and consolidate the partnership between schools and students that would form the backbone of this exciting Erasmus Project.


The teachers returned to Belmullet full of enthusiasm regarding this project which was based around making better use of the protein sources that we can get form the sea. Where better to use resources from the Sea than the West of Ireland that has the Atlantic Ocean as it’s back garden?



Selection Process – Essay Competition

The Transition Year students in Our Lady’s were informed about the project and an Open competition was held in order to pick the 14 lucky Participants. Our students would then be paired with students from Quimper. An essay competition was launched and the great response meant that the judges had a very difficult time to narrow the field down to the 14 students. Each student was required to submit 300 words by the 15th September deadline.



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