Redrose-Seaweed Aquaculture Training QQI Level 5

Seaweed Aquaculture Training

QQI Level 5

Course material for the specific study of seaweed aquaculture is available through and a numerous amount of other packaged materials online at the following links:

NAFC Marine Centre University of the Highlands and Islands.

Kelp Farming Manual. A guide to the Processes, Techniques, and Equipment for Farming Kelp in New England Waters.

Both of which this is served at core course literature.

Such material is aimed at third level students and life-long learners the material is challenging, but when presented in a manageable format to the TY students in an immersion method of teaching, although complex the students rose to the challenge and absorbed much of the information.

Students studying seaweed aquaculture, following the format of the QQI Level 5.  This involved independent research and peer to peer learning.  This highly engaged group visited a site growing seaweed from cultures and viewed the growth of kelp being cultivated at the Marine Institute site in Galway.  This introduction into the process for hatchery and cultivation included STEM subjects in the following area:

  • Science: Understanding the science of extracting and developing the spores for adhering to an appropriate medium, for evaluating quality assessment.
  • Technology: To transfer the seeds onto the carrier to be able to articulate the use of technology to support the aims of the project.  To measure, weigh, assess quality, quantity and use technology to support the required outcomes.
  • Engineering: To be able to determine the engineering elements of physically managing the seeded lines and to harvest the yield manage the weight and ensure protecting the quality of the plants.
  • Maths: Math was required to understand the volumes required to reach maximum yield and create a viable business model.

The delivery of the project was condensed due the nature of the schoolwork timetable which demanded a more advanced style of learning, encouraging the students to work in small groups under pressure of time.  More suited to students at third level the TY student embraced the subject and the learning outcomes that were measured, noted higher than anticipated results.

Below are videos of the Power Points that were used while teaching the TY students.

These links will bring you to YouTube.

Power Point day 1 Video 


Power Point day 2 Video


Power Point day 3 Video